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Solar Plexus Chakra

Form & Structure - Trigonal, large defined points or small clusters.

Moh's- 7

Color - ranges from pale yellow to brown

Geography - Canada, France, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Spain, USA
Rarity - Natural Citrine is rare. Consult a specialist supplier (Gem Quality)
Brazil is the leading producer of Citrine, with much of its production coming from the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The name is derived from Latin - Citrina - which means 'Yellow' and is also the origin of the word 'Citron'.

Citrine is one of the three traditional birthstones for the month of November.

Virtue - Citrine - Inspiration, prosperity

Physical/Emotional - Stimulates creative thinking and inspiration. Fees the minds of limitations. Assists with turning ideas into reality. Supports hormone balance and enhances physical vitality, lifts depression.

Healing Effects - In healing layouts, place on the forehead to increase creative inspiration or over the solar plexus area to clear tension from the upper abdomen.

Personal Uses - Pleace in your personal space to bring good fortune and abundance. Meditate with Citrine for mental Clarity.
Wear or Carry crystal for inspiration

Gem Remedy - for revitalizing the physical body.

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