Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lady Nada

Good Morning!

We are Ascended Master Lady Nada. For those of you who have taken classes with Auriel you know a little of Us.  We are the Chohan of the sixth ray, the purple and gold ray of peace, service and brotherhood. We tutor souls in mastering these qualities in the solar plexus chakra and help prepare you to receive the gift of channeling or speaking directly to your guides and angels. We assist with the automatic writing class that Auriel teaches.

We also assist with the unification of family units, on a soul level. We assist those who are coupled with their twin flames.

We assist you with sitting in the void. Where you learn about you, your spirit, what your energy feels like on your own.  We assist you with discovering your purpose(s) on this planet Earth.

We sit on the Cosmic Karmic board and we represent the Third Ray. We dispense justice and mercy on behalf of every soul. We assist Auriel Grace with Soul Retrieval and the blessing of Divine Grace, moving you forward with your Soul’s Journey.  This is our great pleasure to assist you with releasing of burdens and balancing Karma in a compassionate and loving way. We will be present for the Releasing with Grace event  Auriel and Donna have planned.

We encourage you to sit quietly in the void and start to discover yourself, love yourself. In loving the self above all others the love emanates from you and others will do the same. This is the first step in experiencing true love.

My symbol is the pink rose.

We will write more to you soon. We also will speak about purpose and assist you with releasing burdens at the next channeling event. Breathe easy, lover your selves, be present in your life! That is the greatest gift you can give yourself, be present.

Ascended Master Lady Nada
Auriel Grace

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