Monday, February 14, 2011

Angelic Tip of the Day - Forgiveness

Today we want you to look deeply at your relationship with yourself. Being clear about the self is very important in the work you will do. As you can read yourself clearly so you will be able to read others and receive clear information for them. This is helpful in accessing Universal Knowledge.

What is Universal Knowledge? It is the energy that is all around you all of the time. It is the information you need to live your lives and to be helpful to others. When you do a reading or a healing you are accessing. For this knowledge to be pure you need to have a good relationship with the self. 

So you say how do I release that which does not serve me.

Auriel says a simple way is to write a time line of your life. So start with your first memories, whatever date that is and move forward. Above the timeline write down the wondrous memories. Below write down the hurts. Be honest, love yourself enough to allow and flow with this idea of release.
When you are through with the timeline look at the hurts, guilt, heartache, frustration etc and start to forgive yourself. You are the only one who can make yourself feel this way. If there is another living being involved with this hurt, call them forth, forgive, release and bless them as you let go of that heartache. Forgive and Release, these two ideas will set you free.

We will give an example for you from Auriel's past – 
Auriel was raised a Roman Catholic. She received her religious education from this foundation. This foundation reminded her of her strong Faith. 

On the other hand her mother was guilt ridden with her 'sin' and constantly bombarded Auriel with her guilt. So Auriel took on the guilt sub consciously for years until she came to live with her mother again. During those years she could not figure out why she felt guilty. She felt her truth and moved with it, however there was still that itch of guilt. When she came to live with her mother she saw, the guilt was not her but her mothers. She called her mother's forward, blessed her mother and gave the guilt back to her mother. 
 For more information about clearing in this way refer to this blog 2009_11_01_archive      Being Present

Because she did that her mother was able to release the guilt and now her mother is clearing, doing readings and using her pendulum. She is connecting with her higher self. How wondrous is that?

This kind of release you can use with anyone you know. Focus, get clear. Love yourself enough to be honest with yourself. See the synchronicity in your life that has brought you to this point of your multidimensional growth. Celebrate you and your wondrousness!

As you clear, as you forgive and love yourself, you will feel the wondrous connection to the Divine. This is your ultimate goal.

We love you and we are thankful for you!
Archeia Faith and Archeia Grace

Ancestral Clearing Meditation

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