Saturday, September 4, 2010

Psychic Tip of the Day - Energy

I would like to explain about different energies today. I am a Reiki Master and Angelic Channel as well as an Intuitive Reader. I have met many people and helped them in many ways. I have seen and worked with many types of beings.

Energy is energy, spirits are spirits, Angels are Angels and Ascended Masters are Ascended Masters.

In the spirit realm there is no right or wrong only the spirits focus. They are ARE, just as IAM. Whatever the spirits focus is they do a good job at it, that is what they were created for.

For example I channel the Archeia – they ARE the Divine Compliments of the Archangels. They are wondrous beings of Light.  Their Messages are delightful and loving. I adore them. They are Archeia Hope – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel, Archeia Faith – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael, Archeia Grace – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Uriel, Archeia Charity – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Jophiel and soon to come Archeia Joy – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Raphael.

I channel with my eyes open and the Archeia like to get my body up and walking around. They like to touch, kiss, and give their love to human beings. Human beings love feeling their wondrous unconditional love and leave feeling like the wondrous beings that they are.

Recently I did a group channeling and one of the questions was – What about the evil beings? Archeia Hope answered the question – We do not talk about evil. To talk about it brings that kind of energy to us. Do not talk about it and you will not draw it to you.

After that channeling a rumor started that I was a demon. It has caused some interesting effects.

I personally do not believe in evil beings or demons. Energy is energy, it is what you do and feel about it. I have a healthy respect for all the energy in this world. Everything was created for a purpose. That is all.

For those of you who are scaring the hell out of your customers still, stop. Look within your being and balance that darkness within you. As soon as you do you will not fear that which you call evil and that will also fall by the wayside.

So as the Archeia say – STOP DOING THOSE THINGS THAT DO NOT SERVE YOU OR HUMAN KIND! Focus on those things that do serve and love yourself enough to know one must walk through the dark to get to the light. It is only your darkness that you see not others. Get clear, be the Light!

We were not put on this Earth to hurt and frighten, we were put here to bring unconditionality and see the wondrousness around us.

Go in peace.

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  1. Oh, absolutely Auriel! I fully agree with bringing in only the positive and the healing aspects of the divine and strengthening the hope and love that resides within us all. I've been told I have a "clean" energy field around me by other reiki or energy folks and never knew exactly what that meant, but I'm thinking it's all in what I am thinking while I do my energy work. I've worked with people who bring in the negative at the end of the treatment with a warning. I will listen to what they are telling the person and then find a way to change that warning into something more positive to focus about themselves and the healing they just received. If a person has dark energy of some sort, then help them remove it and bring in the healing that will help them with their life challenges. I work with their belief systems and whoever their guardians are that watch over them to allow me to work with them to strengthen the person or to assist with allowing the universal healing energy to be used in that persons best interest. Keep up your good work Auriel!


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