Friday, June 22, 2018

Spiritual Warriors - Lord Melchizedek

Last night I watched a movie about a man who is a great teacher, a passionate speaker. The movie freaked me out in a way that I asked Lord Melchizedek, who is my teacher, for guidance and assistance on what really freaked me out about the movie. 

It wasn't the story that actually freaked me out it was the way the self help, metaphysical, spiritual teachers promote themselves. How they 'up sale'.

It was the pyramid graph I saw that had all these levels of teaching, which made sense to me. It is how it was being presented, the feeling I got was the teacher saying 'you are not enough until you get to the top, I can get you there.' 


I asked Lord Melchizedek for some answers or message to help me feel better about the self help, metaphysical, spiritual teachers and this is the message I received from him -  

Spiritual Warriors - 

We ask you to look within yourselves to to see you are worthy of all you desire. Worthiness is what keeps you in a space of non movement. Worthiness works with all of your emotions, thoughts and desires on all levels through all time and space. 

Am I worthy of Love?
Am I worthy of a good Life?
Am I worthy of my parents?
Am I worthy of hearing, seeing, knowing my spirit guides and angels?
Am I worthy of the Creators Love?

Look at your life and see your worthiness of all your hopes, dreams and desires. Break free of the feeling of your need to find a 'savior'. You are your own savior by your actions. You are already safe and saved. 

We suggest you clear out your fears, insecurities, resentments, judgments . . . as you clear the lower energies, you clear karmic debt, your energy field, your chakras, your heart, physical body, your mind and your soul. 

How do you do that? You develop the intuitive skills that are built into you. You use them daily already. Hone your skills, develop a good relationship with your Creator, your guides and angels. You are worthy of the time and effort it will take to do this. Ask for Divine Grace and healing as you move through your clearing. 

There are many healers on your planet now who can assist you on your journey. Choose someone or someones who you trust and start working with them. There will be many who will be able to help you as you raise your resonance, stretch and grow. Remember you are always in a state of growth on all levels, your clearing and understanding is not a race. There is continual growth in human form and other forms, in life and between lives. Focus on this life, for it will lead you to others. 

Our advice is love yourself, give love, be love. Help yourself to realize you are already in this space. You are worthy.

We remind you of the Equal Exchange of Energy - Archeia Grace has given you examples of this idea. We will remind you.

An equal exchange of energy within the self and with friends, relatives, lovers, children and others is simply making sure you are receiving as much as you are giving and more. Look to your relationships and make amends with this concept in mind. Creating boundaries and clearing out old energies that no longer serve you. Love yourself so much you will not accept anything else. 

You are worthy, You are always worthy!

Lord Melchizedek 

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