Saturday, July 1, 2017

Zen & Driving

On June 19th I went for a drive. I drove from Clearwater Florida to Chicago. It took two days. 

My eyesight is not that great. I like to drive during the day. I have learned how to work with my eyesight as I have a depth perception problem. This trip really gave me an opportunity to face my fears of driving. 

By the time I reached Georgia I felt a shift and started to drive intuitively. I could really feel the shift in traffic and how it was flowing around me. I could feel when cars wanted to pass me and when I needed to pass others. I was one with the road. It felt really good. 

I did have to drive at night. Yes it was intimidating, however as I flowed with traffic during the night I felt at peace with the road and the darkness. I could 'see' the spirit critters scuttling across the road. I 'saw' other beings as well on their own nightly journeys.

The first day I drove from Clearwater Florida to Henderson Kentucky. Yes it was a long drive and when I arrived, it took me a while to be able to sleep. 

I find it interesting as I drove and flowed with traffic the aggressive drivers didn't bother me so much. I love cruise control and how I can adjust the cruise control from my steering wheel. I find it interesting how aggressive drivers will get really close to you to get you to move faster. I was amused at ending up passing a few of them as I drove along at 72 miles an hour. Yes that was my speed at least 80% of the way.

My spirit guides really helped me, cautioning me wherever there was someone on the phone or texting. I must say there are quite a few really nice rest stops, you drivers can stop at a rest stop to text. Especially big trucks who take up the lanes, yes I wrote lanes, while texting. 

Where the heck are you speeders going at 100 miles an hour? Do you not have clocks in your homes to let you know what time it is when you leave? 

I saw three horrible accidents, most likely from speeding and phones. Is it worth your life to leave late and drive like a lunatic? It is not worth mine. I love my life most of the time.

So here is a couple of handy tips on driving so it is enjoyable to everyone.

1.) No texting
2.) Give yourself enough time to get where you are going. 
3.) If you must talk on your phone, pull over to one of those nice rest stops. 
4.) Speeding at over 100 miles an hour is unsafe. Stop it. 
5.) Pull over during a rainstorm if you can't see and be patient with others who are pulling over.
6.) Listen to your instinct and intuition when you are driving. It will help with the flow of traffic and make your trip no matter how long or short more enjoyable. 

This can make driving for enjoyable and safe for everyone. 

I truly did find my zen or peace while driving. I listened to myself and how I felt in traffic, getting to know my own limitations. 

I drove from Chicago to Memphis, New Orleans and back to Clearwater. 

There was a lot of paranormal activity on my ride from Memphis to New Orleans and then from New Orleans into Northern Florida. Lots of spirit animals, some energies I recognized as elementals and other energies I am not quite sure what they were. They seemed to really like the side of the road. 

I encourage paranormal investigators with infrared cameras to drive down I-20, I-55, I-10, I 75, let me know if you pick up anything roaming around. 

I must say I loved visiting and seeing clients. It was nice to reconnect, give and receive hugs. I will be heading out more often, to visit again. 

While driving remember to connect, be flexible and stay safe. Find your Zen to drive peacefully on the road!

Keep your hearts open and align with the energy of LOVE!

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