Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Psychic Tip of the Day - Heart, Mind and Soul

It's July, my favorite month of the year! I love this month because we celebrate our independence, our  country and its history!

I also love this month because I always run my July Special for Intuitive Readings! It is always nice to reconnect and make new connections during this time of year. I love it!

Many people at this time are on the move, changing jobs, changing homes, changing partners, new beginnings! 

Some of you are holding onto the old stuff that makes you feel comfortable, even though it gives you anxiety, depression and the feeling of uncertainty. 

Let go of all that stuff you think you are supposed to do and look at what you want to do.

Let me tell ya, I have heard all the excuses you can think of why you can't live the life you want too.

So this is what I suggest, quiet yourself, think of what you desire most in your life, give it life, listen with your heart as you give it life. Then go a little deeper and listen to your soul while you give it life. Watch as your creation take shape in your mind. Lock that energy in your soul. You have just aligned your heart, soul and mind, 

Everyday, take time to practice aligning your mind, heart and soul to create your what your soul, your true self so desires. It will help you break free of all the goo and cooties you have in your energy field, making room for your soul's desire. 

Yes, it is that easy. Now try it and let me know how you progress! I love to hear about you!

Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

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