Sunday, April 9, 2017

Busy in Retrogrades

Last year I moved to Florida. I really had no plans as to what I was going to do except to keep doing Intuitive Reading and Soul Retrieval Sessions.  I do not have a place of business that I work through. All sessions right now are done through phone, FaceTime & Skype. I decided to work on my own for right now as I wanted time to discover my new environment and to go to the beach. I love the beach!

I created my website - Check it out! 

You will see the meditations I used previously for Free Tuesdays and other workshops. Remember to practice, practice helps with self confidence in your daily life. This summer I will be recording more meditations for you to use! 

I did receive emails about classes and would I be teaching classes. 

I rolled the idea around for a couple of months and in October I wrote - Haunted A Psychic's Story.
For those of you who have taken my classes and want to learn more about hauntings, paranormal and the angel to work with this is a great book to read and use in your daily life and practices. 

Haunted - A Psychic's Story also has examples of different hauntings that I have experienced. This is the first book for the Psychic Story Series. I have traveled and lived in many places in the United States and I have seen some pretty extraordinary situations. This book contains some of those adventures and more.  

 This is how I have decided to teach for a while. 

Angels - A Psychic Story is the next book in the series. I wrote about the experiences I have had with the angels that assist me personally and also with Intuitive Readings & Soul Retrieval. There is also instruction on how you can connect and create your strong bond or relationship with the angels who help you. Yes, everyone has angels who help them. Make the connection!

The next book for A Psychic's Story is going to be the intuition book. This book will have instruction and some of my experiences as a Psychic and growing through this journey. This book will be published 12/2017. The Title is I am Psychic, Not Telepathic - I Don't Want to Know the Color of Your Underwear! This is the companion book for Clarity 101.

There will be more books for A Psychic Story Series. The books are available in paperback and kindle format. Check them out to see if they resonate with you. 

During this past Venus Retrograde I finished up some other books for you too. These are also series books with more to come.  

My favorite is Lucy Prophet - Psychic Girl.  Lucy Prophet is psychic and she wins the lottery. Her life is very synchronistic. I am working on finishing the next Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl. The next book you will learn more about the characters and a little bit of why Lucy is guided to build a sustainable community with her lottery winnings. 

What would you do if you won the lottery? 

The next Series is the Goddess Trilogy. These books were inspired by remembering past lives. I have combined the lifetimes together for this trilogy. The Book of Yzabelle and The Book of Ambyr are available now. The Book of Bethany will be done 12/2020. 

We all have the ability to recall past lives or other lifetimes. After all they are our lifetimes. Being a Soul Retrieval practitioner I am able to access those other lifetimes and write what I see there. The Goddess Trilogy for me has been extraordinary to write. It has helped me with my self confidence and strengthened my core. My connection to our Creators is stronger from remembering these lifetimes. Were you a part of these lifetimes? I know some of you were!

Venus in retrograde really made me make some decisions about how I want to conduct my life. What I want to do when I grow up! This past year has been about this idea and I am thankful for the time i have had to sit down, finish and write some more. 

There will be more books and more exploring and more healing. This is something I look forward too! I hope you do too!

Please remember to review the books as you read them! Reviews help me see what you want more of and what you really liked! So let me know!

A Gang of Girls Radio will continue! I love being a radio hostess and bring you different ideas, introducing you to different people and expanding our lives! Keep listening there is more to come! A Gang of Girls Radio is now on I Tunes for archives you can follow us there! 

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of love!

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