Thursday, November 10, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Trump - Spiritually Speaking

I have been thinking about this post for about two weeks. During readings many of my clients were asking if I knew who would win the election. I have felt that it was a close race. I asked Lucy Zolonga about it. She is an astrologer and she also agreed it will be a close race. I didn't vote for either one of them. 

Yes Trump one the election. Yes there are people upset. Yes I feel like the upset will continue.



There is a lot of fear of the Republicans rolling the USA backwards. 

That's what it is. Stop being afraid and take action. 

This is my intuitive suggestion to you. Continue to raise your voices. Raise your voices with intellegence and be heart felt. Do not protest because you fear your rights will be taken from you. Protest because this is America and you have the right to be heard. It is up to the people of the United Staes to come together in Unity and accept each others differences and allow those differences. It is up to us to maintain our rights as citizens of this country. 

The American People want change, they want change so bad they would elect Donald Trump as president!  

The Archeia Hope says - There are more American People than there are politicians. It is time for you to rise and take your rights in hand. Be intelligent, wise and gracious.  This is a time of civil unrest and it will continue through this presidency and more. It is time to move out the old ways of being and bring in some new ways of being. With a large population such as this it will take time, it will take momentum, temperance, grace and wisdom. Your great leaders of this time will start to come forward. Donald Trump is a catalyst for it all to happen. You have asked for change here is it. What will you do to create the country you are so desiring? Stand up and let your voices be heard. 
You are the creators of your destiny, create it what you so want and desire!

Donald Trump is a business man before a politician. He knows how to wheel and deal. Yes he is all the names people have called him. I don't plan on letting what he thinks of women to interrupt my life. If he tries to take away any of my rights, he will become my best friend. He will know who I am. Whether he likes it or not.  I won't let him forget me and neither should YOU!

God Bless America and its People! 

Keep your Hearts open and aligned with the Energy of LOVE!

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