Sunday, July 3, 2016

Moving' & Groovin'

I haven't blogged in a while, it has been a wild ride the last six months.

Elevated Delights is now closed. This is a joyous occasion. I am grateful and also recovering very nicely in the Florida sunshine. 

Everyone is set on their paths and they are expanding and growing in their own way and direction. I am grateful. I am grateful for Naperville & Chicago. I learned a lot about myself and others. I grateful to have balanced my karma and to assist others with theirs. I was my honor and pleasure. I love the City of Chicago only six months or so of the year though. I will be visiting often, I am pretty sure there is more for me to do up there.  

I live in Florida now and I love it! I love the vibe and the sun.

I am going to put together a handy Psychic Tips and Tricks Book for your benefit. The ideas have been bubbling up for a while and now I will have to write them and share them with you! 

I will be blogging in August for sure. This blog is going to change a little bit, the wheels are spinning and I have been listening, I am putting it together. Video blogging is something I want to try. I will be doing a Psychic Tip of the Day and posting it 2-3 times a week. Are there that many psychic tips out there? Let's test and find out. Let me know what you want to understand or figure out and I will see if I can help you out. 

A Gang of Girls Inc has grown and expanded. I am excited about having the time and energy now to rock A Gang of Girls Radio!

It takes more then one person to build a radio show. Here are the ladies that help Madame Lucy Zolonga, Anissa Olley and Cyndy Malone.  It has taken three years for us to find each other! We have lot's of great ideas we want to share with you! 

The website is changing daily, so go on and check it out, often!. Download the App - WHY?

1.) To listen to A Gang of Girls Radio on Monday nights
2.) To check out events - T-shirts, stickers, tote bags and ball caps are on their way! You won't want to miss out on that!
Follow us on Twitter @agangofgirls 

See you soon so stay tuned!

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