Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Spiritual Hygiene

Goo & Cooties

I am always asked - How do I keep my energy field clean? How do I know if I have a spirit attachment? How do I know if I am being influenced by something outside of myself? 

What are those pesky Goo & Cooties in your energy field? 
How can you get rid of them? 

Here are some handy tips for keeping your energy field clear - 

Keep your Chakras aligned and intone with the Chakra Meditation - This meditation will assist you with aligning and clearing your chakras. 

Cut & Cauterize all energetic cording that are present in your chakras and etheric body.

When you work on releasing these energetic cords you will start to feel revitalized. Most cording is through our Solar Plexus Chekra or the Will Center. 


Because other people in your circle might be wanting or willing you to do what they want you to do. So you want to clear those energetic cords to free yourself of other peoples control or Will.

'I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael to Cut & Cauterize all energetic cords leading in and out of me that no longer serve me.
I invite and invoke Archeia Fath to fill me with Divine Light!'

Receive a Deeksha Blessing when you can to balance the chemistry in your brain.

Reiki Sessions once a month to clear your energy field, lighten and brighten you.

Reiki Attunements so you can do your own self healing. Receiving a Reiki Attunement can also help with clearing your energy field and healing you within. 

Use this Meditation to clear your energy field and fill yourself with light!

Visualize a very thick and fuzzy layer of white lights surrounding your body, similar to a terry clothe sock. Do this with the intention of keeping your energy field clear. Also build an egg around you. The egg can be any color(s) you want it to be. Visualize mirrors around the egg. The mirrors keep whatever energy cording or spirits that might want to attach to you away from you. 

Check out other posts on this blog for other handy tips to keep yourself clear of anything not serving for your highest good. here is awesome advice to keep you moving and groin' in the best and highest way!

With my Special Guests - The Council of Four - Samantha, Lucy, Hanna, Paige who are Trance Channels for the Divine! They will have some awesome advice for you too! 

You never know what wondrous events are awaiting you on this wonderful planet Earth! Please join us!

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