Thursday, February 4, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Synchronicity . . .

I am so very grateful for all the Synchronistic Events in my Life!

What are synchronistic events? 

They are the the times where you have had those 'Ah Ha' moments or those wonderful epiphanies. It is those times when you knew you were at the right place at the right time and so forth. 

Looking back over your life you will see those wondrous synchronistic events that have happened to bring you to the place you are at now. 

Example - 

I wrote a book called A Soul Group's Journey. This is a story about a past life I had with an awesome soul group. I asked to meet the soul's from that lifetime in this lifetime. 

I met many of these soul's in the Four Corner's Region here in the U.S. 

When I moved to Pagosa Springs Colorado I knew no one. I moved into a nice little trailer in the woods with my two sons. It was really nice and forested. While waiting for the school bus one morning one of the other Mom's came by and introduced herself. She was fun and funny so I immediately felt at ease. She told me about a party she was having and invited me and my sons.

At that party I met my friend Vicki. Vicki, in the story A Soul Group's Journey is Blessed Star. My relationship with Vicki was very much the same as it was then. 

Vicki taught me about Intentions and Gratitudes, which changed my life. 
Vicki started intending for a romantic relationship.
We were invited to an Intention Circle by Tony Burroughs. Vicki and Tony met and that was the relationship she had been intending for.

Do you see the synchronicity in this timeline?

Now look at you life - do you see them? If so, share them in the comments section of the blog. I would love to see them. 

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