Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Message from Venus Primordial Goddess of Love


Congratulations Humans with recognizing and allowing Love. We are grateful your expression of Love is expanding and you have become open to experiencing love on a deeper level.

We understand there is and has been prejudice of those of the same sex who are life partners. We ask you this - is it so bad that these humans love each other? The expression of Love far out weight any other expression or emotion. 

Now we request you take the next steps and stay steadfast in your decision to allow Love to flourish! Be wise in your negotiations, set your boundaries and be courageous, be You! 

The energy of love can heal the population of your planet, if you allow it.

Is your heart opened and aligned with the energy of Love?

We recommend you make that alignment a conscious act.

Fear is an expression of lack of Love. Look around your world, assist where you can to rid fear in the Hearts of Humans. This is a wise act and expression of Love. 

Look to your people and be the example of love. That is how humans teach and learn through example.

You are powerful beings and can create so much more through the energy of love. 

Message from Venus Primordial Goddess of Love 

Who is Venus?
She is a primordial Goddess. Venus is one of the first Goddess created through energy. Love is an energy which resides in every living being in all space and time!

Auriel Grace is a channel for the Goddess Venus. 

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