Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Psychic Kids

What are psychic kids?
They are our children, they are everywhere. 
What can you do to help your psychic kid? 

First figure our if your child is - 

Empathic - Feels Emotions of others

Clairaudience: To hear intuitively past our three dimensional world clearly, hearing those who have passed over, Angels, guides etc.

Claircognizant: "Clear Knowing" those who receive divine guidance/psychic information, and just know that what they know is true. A claircognizant person will not know how they know or how they get information, just that its true.

Clairsentience: The ability to feel or touch objects or persons and receive knowledge about those objects or a person story.

Clairvoyance: To see past our three dimensional world clearly; example ghosts, Angels, Fairies, Spirit Guides etc. For example I see when I am doing readings or a clearing for a person or place. Often when I meet someone I can see guides or attachments.

Those are the basic descriptions or as we call them - 'the Clairs'.

What do you as a parent do after you find out what kind of psychic you child is?
Ask your child what they are seeing, hearing or feeling. Remember your child has not had the experience you have had so descriptions will be from their perception. Ask your child to draw what they are seeing to help explain. 

For Empathic Children - Ask them how they feel, then have the child touch your hand and tell you how you feel. If there are more family members in the house have your child touch each person to figure out how they feel. Your child will start to learn how to discern their own feelings. That is very important for an empath.

Empathic people tend to carry a lot of energy that is not their own. By a child empath understanding they don't need to carry other people 'stuff',helps the child with their own clarity. That is a blessing in itself.

As a parent educate yourself. Take classes that teach intuition and mediumship skills, if your child is allowed bring them with you so you can learn together. 

It is very important that a psychic kid live in a clean and organized enviroment. This is so their energy field stays clear. 

Ghosts love diorganization, messes, hoarding etc. That is what creates the imbalance in households and businesses. 

We always tell psychic kids to keep their rooms clean and assist with cleaning the house for their own sake, it empowers them. 

it is also very important that the psychic kids feel empowered just like the rest of the kids. Their favorite word should be 'why'? 

For the next couple of weeks I will be blogging about psychic kids and how to assist them. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section. Thanks!

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