Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Angelic Tip of the Day - Faith

We are the Archeia Faith, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael. We are the Guardian angels of Earth.

We write this today to assist you with the energy of Faith. We wish to convey this idea this frequency to you. During this year if 2014 there have been more and more atrocities on your planet. We ask you to be aware of the atrocties, but not dwelling on them. We ask you instead to pray or make your intention to resolve the conflict with the people of your Earth. 

Send blessings and Intentions to those who are experiencing the trauma and do not dwell.

Why do these tramatic events happen and continue to happen? 

Earth is a free will planet. It is a place where soul come to learn lessons, balance karma and learn to live from their hearts.

How do you live within your heart?

You remain in the present moment, you connect with your heart chakra and stay in the energy of love.

The energy of love is what you are created from and so is every other living entity on this planet. When you stay in this energy is is easy to allow the energy of Faith within your being and surrounding your being. When you are consistant with this state of being you will be aware of what goes on Earth but you will have the knowing that the Creator/ Universe will resolve the conflict. There is no reacting to the conflict(s). When there is less reaction there is less conflict.

Look for the events that make your heart sing. There are plenty of these events happening all over your planet. These are the miracles you have asked for and they are happening all around you. Put your energy in these events, talk about these events and share these events with everyone you are connected with. 

End 2014 with peace and love within your heart, so you will begin 2015 in such a way.
This is how you change the world. You change your attitude and share that with others 
We thank you and bless you!

Archeia Faith
As channeled by 


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