Sunday, October 26, 2014

All Hallows Eve

As a child my Aunt Marie would put on these great parties for Holloween! I loved her parttirs and came to appreciate them as I grew older. Thinking back on those fun memories I really resonated with being with my family and celbrating in that way.

Trick or Treating I did not resonate with. I always felt there was something false about celebrating Halloween in this way. As a child I did not understand why this tradtion was so popular.

As I learned more about the different holidays and how they were celebrated I changed up the way I celebrated this night. 

What I have learned about this holiday is that it is a celebration of abundance and the realization of what ideas I have planted and that which has come to pass. 

With that realization is the celebration and the Feast of Abundance. Feasting and celebrating the New Year to come! In doing this I include those wonderful beingss of Light who consistantly assist me through the year.  I light candles and incense and say prayers of gratitude for my life.

With a single candle on All Saints Day I honor my anscenstors whoever they may be.

The veils are thin now, so do remember to have those wonderful conversation you wish to have with those who have departed and make those connnections! This is the time of year to do this! 

Remember to Breath in their energy while making those connections!

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