Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Foot Chakras - Red

Foot Chakras - Red

This the area that I want to write to you about today. Last week I was telling Tina that my feet were cold and have been cold for a while. She said it is because I am having a hard time moving forward in my life. I thought about that this week.

Our feet represent our path and how they feel is a reflection of how we feel about our path. 

That being said I did some research about the Foot Chakra. There is a chakra at our feet that allows the energy from the Earth to flow through us. When we look at this chakra at our feet we may see gray wisps of energy flowing from it and away from us. The gray wisps of energy that we see in the inaction in our lives that keeps us in one place for way too long! Blockages!

I focused on the area of my feet and started to breath in light for the surrounding area. As my feet 'lit up' I found that my feet warmed up and I was able to make decisions to move forward with some projects that I have set aside for a while. I re energized the area by using a salt body scrub. I was tired for a couple of days. Now I am starting to feel more energized and grounded. More able to make decisions regarding my life! i am feeling much more positive.

For those of you who feel stuck try paying attention to your feet, give them some love and jump start that foot chakra! I promise it will be worth it!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

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