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Sodalite - Mental Clarity Stone

Sodalite – Mental Clarity Stone

Category – Mineral
Form and Structure – cubic system in massive and granular formations, rarely crystalline. Often occurs in igneous rocks, when polished has a waxy feel.
Color – Rich royal blue, violet, white veining common
Crystal Habit – Massive, rarely as dodecahedra
Crystal System – Cubic
Twinning – Common 
Cleavage – poor
Luster – Dull vitreous to greasy
Streak – white
Geography – Canada, Greenland, Italy, Myanmar, Russia, USA
Moh’s- 6 
Rarity – easily obtained, tumblestones 

Sodallite is made up of sodium aluminum silicate chloride: it gets its name from its sodium content. It is a rich, royal blue color interspersed with white veins; good quality pieces when polished look similar to lapis lazuli. However, it does not contain the pyrite inclusions found in Lapis. 

Another way to tell the two apart is that Sodalite is more brittle; clear lines in its structure show potential breaking points. It rarely forms crystals and it is usually found in massive granular formations or fillings in veins in igneous rocks. 

One source of rare but particularly fine crystalline Sodalite is the region around the volcano Vesuvius in southern Italy; massive deposits are also found in Ontario, Canada. 

Sodalite is used to expand the mind and encourage clear thinking; it is also a good stone to work with if you are establishing a regular meditation practice. It helps to connect your physical self to your spiritual self so you can move easily between different levels of consciousness. It also enhances your intuition, that sixth sense that encourages creativity and spontaneity.


Calms the mind and helps with relaxation. Assists the 3rd eye chakra to focus in meditation.

Assists with supportorting the immune system, clearing problems in the throat, sinuses and soothes the voice, especially if the vocal cords are strained. Helps clear feelings of internal conflict or lack of certainty, encouraging self confidence in personal expression.

Healing Effects

Place over the throat or 3rd eye, whichever feels appropriate, to clear negative feelings and increase relaxation in the system. Place over the heart chakra with a piece of rose quartz to create a fusion of intuition and unconditional love

Personal Uses

Meditate with it to improve your ability to let go of everyday concerns and focus on just being.

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