Sunday, July 20, 2014

Infinite Beings - Lord Melchizedek

I am always asked this question - What do you think happens when we leave Earth?

This is my answer - our soul are infinite. There is no young or old souls we are infinite energy. We have experiences on Earth, in between our physical incarnations and on other planets, galaxies, cosmos. We take on different forms and have different adventures. 

Lord Melchizedek says - If you look at yourself as being this wondrous unlimited being and see your lifetimes as adventures many of your limitations will be lifted. You asked for the experience(s) you are having. Now ask yourself 'why?' When you come to your conclusion and have your realizations you will be healed! You are a multi dimensional being having a multi dimensional experience on planet Earth. Take that experience and learn from it, love it and utilize it to give your soul momentum for more wonderful experiences!

I thought I would share this with you this week. I love Lord Melchizedek, he is so awesome and has the best messages!

Have a lovely week Everyone!
Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls
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