Monday, July 21, 2014

Holistic Spiritual Care

Holistic Spiritual Care

My name is Rev. Rhonda Schienle. I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, with a Master of Science in Holistic Ministries and a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. I am based of out Northwest, Indiana.

I am currently implementing cancer care ministry training and cancer care spiritual support groups in my local churches and communities. One approach in this specialized work is to empower patients, caregivers and our communities with the knowledge of good holistic spiritual care.

“Holistic” means that we are made of mind, body and spirit. It is important to provide sustenance to all three of these vital areas, to facilitate well-being.

It is important of course to feed our physical bodies with a well balanced diet that may be recommended by our Doctors, Homeopathic Physicians or Nutritionists.

Holistic spiritual care, is to suggest receiving spiritual services such as: Guided Meditation, Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage and other like modalities to help facilitate well being. Also, attending a drum-circle sessions can be very beneficial as scientific research has shown.

If you are so inclined, learning one of these modalities could certainly be advantageous to the mental or mind area of your being. Reciting affirmations and mantras have been found to be very helpful in centering and balancing mind, body and spirit. This includes practicing yoga and tai chi.

Hospitals such as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, has implemented such modalities while a patient is going through treatment. Holistic, integrative medicine and alternative modalities are making their way into mainstream more and more, because they have shown to be highly beneficial and effective.

As an Interfaith Minister, I am here to support and provide spiritual nourishment to your well-being.

My website and contact information are provided on this link.

In good spiritual health,

Rev. Rhonda Schienle

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