Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Archeia Grace

Grace is a way of being, of how you treat people. Grace is a state of mind where all is an acceptance. When someone is in a true state if grace they accept that people, things, circumstances just are. They are not to be judged and therefore allowed to live the way they choose.

If they do not ask for help and do not agree to be helped we must step back and allow them their lesson. 

Archeia Grace assists with teaching us this lesson or vibration.

Who is the Archeia Grace? She is the divine compliment of Arch Angel Uriel - Sun of God. Both of these Arch Angels are connected to solar light. Archeia Grace is also known as Aurora Grace - Bringer of the Sun or Goddess of the Dawn.   

Archeia Grace has a legion of purple and gold lightning angels who assist her with helping humans ascend through the vibration of Grace. Archeia Grace assists us humans with shining our truth through our Heart Chakra and allowing that truth to flow through us and all around us!

Arch Angel Uriel and Archeia Grace together assist us with understanding our devotion to our Creator and creating peace within ourselves so we can shine it out to the world.

How awesome is that?  

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