Sunday, February 9, 2014

Message of Love

'IAM the Goddess Venus! Our energy is about assisting you with love and prosperity. Many of the Human Being on your planet are transitioning over to the Energy of Love. This is wondrous to us. Love is about being responsible for yourself and allowing the Equal Exchange of Energy in all forms in your life. If you feel you do not have that look at your life and see how you can mend this. We have seen that communication is a big factor in your lives. Learn how to communicate with each other. Release those expectations you have about how Love should be and allow Love to Be. When you allow Love all else fall into place for your lives. We want to share our blessing of love and Prosperity with you. Place your hand on the computer screen and take a deep breath. Open yourself to receive as much of this blessing as possible. Come back to this message as many times as you like so you can receive it again and again!' 

We bless you with the Energy of Love!
We see you walking the Path of Love!
We see your maturity growing as you simply Love all beings connected to you!
Allow Love to flow through you and all around you every moment of your existence! 

Channeled by Auriel Grace

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