Sunday, October 13, 2013

Angelic Tip of the Day - Archeia Serafina

Archeia Serafina is the Divine Compliment or Assistant of Arch Angel Azreal. They are the Angels of Mercy. Arch Angel Azreal and Archeia Serafina assist us with our transition from the Earthly realm through the veils as we take our last breath in each human life.

They truly are the Angels of Mercy, they will assist with pulling out the soul before a traumatic death, such as a tree falling on a small child, so the child does not die in pain.

This Divine Couple also assists us with gathering information from other dimensions. They assist us with connecting with our loved ones who have passed through the veils. This is what they have explained to me -

When a medium connects into the etheric realm the medium gathers information about the person you want to connect with. It is like dialing O on the phone. You get an 'operator'. If that person is available you will receive a message directly from them. Connection!

We understand you may need closure when your love one passes on. However once you have seen or heard their messages let them go. Allow them their journey! Allow them to go through the veils so they may move forward as you move forward with your life on Earth. Most of the Human Beings you know intimately are part of your soul group and you will see them again in other lifetimes. Remember you are only a breath away at any given moment, you are eternal - Live your life to it's fullest as your loved ones wish you too, live for them!

This time of the year is the best time to connect with your loved ones and other beings as well. Do your best to make those connections, honor, love and forgive your ancestors as there is much wisdom in these acts.

We also advise you to LIVE this life! Every life is unique and wondrous! We encourage you to use your creativity and soar with it! You were created from the Divine Spark, Shine your LIGHT BRIGHTLY! 

Archeia Serafina

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

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