Saturday, July 20, 2013

Psychic Tip of the Day - Intentions

What are Intentions? Why make them? How can they assist me?

I make and say my Intentions daily! What are they? For me intentions are a way of helping me stay on task, really prioritize what I want and desire in my life. The Intention process keeps me focused on my goals and assist me with being flexible and present in my life.

When you write and state your intentions aloud you give energy to them. The Universe will conspire to assist you with what you are asking for! 

That is the trick of the Intention process, staying focused, being present and grateful and listening to our intuition. 
So start with something you believe you can create. One of my favorite intentions is - 

I intend the quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams!

What does that mean to you? Write down what you are grateful for and celebrate it!

Remember that you also have to put your energy into your intentions. 

If you have poor health, focus on becoming healthy on all levels. Do what it takes to create that quality in your life. You will see as your health gets better so will your environment. Why? Because that is what you are asking for! 

I intend for Better Health on ALL Levels!

Here is another great intention -
I intend I am an Unlimited Being. Accepting from an Unlimited Source in an Unlimited way!

I have found this Intention pretty much covers all intentions if you don't know where to start! It has taken me years to create mine - 

I Intend & IAM so very Grateful - 

Myself & my family are healthy, happy whole, guided guarded & protected and connected our Divine Source.

My Heart is always open and I am aligned with love.

The Quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams.

I am always present and recognize all the wondrous synchronistic events in my life.

For all of my Financial windfalls & more!

My E - Books are selling and more!

I am able to travel for work and pleasure and more!

I am so very thankful for my family & extended family and their support and more! 

i am so very grateful for my life!

I say these gratitudes & Intentions for the Highest and Greatest good of the universe & Everyone involved!

Do you Align with me?

So Be it & So it is!

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  1. I met Auriel and Donna recently on Todd Bates Talk radio show and for that I'm very greatful.
    I have the Ghost Girlz group in Facebook and both ladies joined the group after we met on the show.
    The group has always been a great warm learning environment for me but when these two ladies joined they brough real energy and warmth to the group.
    They are more then happy to explain questions people have about their own awakenings.
    They constantly share and encourage and you could not ask for more then that in anyone.
    These ladies are "The real deal" and I'm looking forward to getting to know them even more.

    Todd MacIsaac
    The Ghost Girlz Group


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