Saturday, July 20, 2013

Psychic Tip of the Day - Haunted House?

Do you have a Haunted House? Do strange things happen in your house or do you hear strange noises? Do you feel like someone is always watching you? Do the doors open and close, lights flicker? Activity like that?

First of all where do you live? Do you live near a huge electric power station? If you live near one of those you will feel weird - too much electricity for your sensitive human body.

Strange noises - look around your house inside outside and underneath to make sure what you are hearing is a spirit. Make sure your doors work properly, your electricity isn't faulty. Do some research on your home, ask the neighbors if they have seen weird activity in or near your house.

Now that you have done all of this and you are still having unexplained activity, start writing a journal, time, dates and what happened. Write down who was in the house and what they were doing at the time. 

The reason for creating the journal is to figure out if you have haunted people coming in the house. Haunted People can create chaos wherever they go. So keep track of who is in your house. 

If you have small children, listen to what they are saying to you. Small children and pets are the best spirit detectors! 

Try to communicate with the spirit(s) in your house. You can asked them to knock once for yes and twice for no. Intelligent spirits may answer. 

Here are some suggestions to help lighten your house - 

Residual energy is not intelligent. It is dense uncomfortable energy that stays in one area. You can clear this energy with ringing bells, salt, sunlight, incense or flowers.

Is your house messy? Clean it up! Spirits love a mess! 

Place Kosher Salt in the places where there is most activity - salt absorbs sorrows, anger, frustration.

Visualize waterfalls in all of your windows and doorways with the intention of keeping out all energies that do not serve your house.

Invoke the Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith to guide, guard and protect your house. Remember to say thank you!

After you have tried all of these ideas above or just want to resolve the situation you can contact me to see what can be done to assist you.


Your Blessing can be as formal or informal as you like. Each ceremony is specialized just for you or a group. Your space will be blessed and infused the energies you choose (love, prosperity, respect, etc). We will also surround you and your place with protective energy. 


Sometimes during our daily life we pick up low vibrational energies that begin to effect our daily life. This disruption in the energy field can cause a person to get angry very easily, not be able to focus, or sometimes to desire things the person wouldn't regularly want (for example alcohol). These low vibrational energies can also be in your home/space and require experienced mediums to remove them. Auriel has cleared many spaces and many people with success. Please note: Some people &/or spaces require more than one session. $150/hour & Travel Expenses

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

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