Thursday, April 25, 2013

Psychic Tip of the Day - Spirit Guides, Fairies, Ghosts

What is the difference between a ghost & a spirit guide? How can you tell?

Dis incarnate(s) or Ghosts: A human being who has died, whose spirit is still on this Earth plane. Many times these spirits are still on Earth because they are lost or want resolution for the life they left.

A dis incarnate or ghosts are not helpful, they will lead you to do stuff that is not for your highest good. If they like you they may hang out with you, distract you, influence you, which might lead to mental health and physical health problems. (ex - Donkey Boy in the story Pinocchio).

Spirit Guides: Beings from many places, including past life friends, family members, Angels, Fairies, other dimensional beings who help guide us throughout our lifetimes.

A Spirit Guide(s) is helpful, you will feel like the advice is something to consider, a possibility. Some Spirit Guides stay with us for the lifetime and others come and help us with our ideas and goals.  (ex -Jiminy Cricket)

Fairy or Elemental: Teachers and Guides of the Earth. There are fairies everywhere, some of them help with plants growing and then there are the Sylphs, air fairies, Undines, water fairies, Salamanders, fire fairies, Gnomes, earth fairies. They range in sizes and shapes. 

What is wondrous about fairies is there is no hierarchy. All fairies know their own importance and the importance of all other living beings.

Allow their assistance in your gardens and your house. They like to be helpful, delegate chores for them. Your house will sparkle!

To communicate with your guides, practice paying attention to your life right now. Be present, centered & grounded, take a breathe and allow the communication to begin!

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