Friday, April 26, 2013

Psychic Tip of the Day - Psychic, Medium, Telepathy

Ether/Etheric: The Fifth Element. The place where Akashic information is stored. It is all around us.

Psychic: A person sensitive to natural laws and attraction.

Medium: Etheric Information Gatherer

Higher Self: the eternal core/essence of every living being.

Telepathy: Communication between minds
There are some people who think being intuitive means you are telepathic and can read minds. To be honest being intuitive isn't being telepathic. Being psychic or intuitive means to me that I can see past the physical and into the etheric realm to assist with answering your questions. Honestly I don't want to know your thoughts, they are yours, just as my thoughts are mine. 

Mediumship is so much more than just speaking to ghosts. 

Mediumship is an etheric information gatherer depending on the questions being asked. Everything you ever wanted to know is in the ethers which is the fifth element. All you have to do is ask your question and it will somehow be answered, directly or indirectly. When I say indirectly, is means the answer might come from a friend or a stranger, a letter, e-mail or an advertisement and so forth.

When I give someone a reading I look beyond the physical plane into the Ethers and ask the question you are asking. When I receive the answer I give it to you. I explain the answer as clearly as I can so you can understand what you asked for.

Mediumship is also being a trance channel or Reiki Master - allowing energy to move through you to assist others.

So you see how useful a psychic, intuitive who practices mediumship is? We are multi taskers!

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