Monday, March 18, 2013

Riding the Cosmic Dragon

We are Multi Dimensional Beings living in a Multi Dimensional World.' I love saying this in class! There is so much more to us human beings which we do not see, we are such a mystery! Everyday we have the opportunity to unravel discoveries about ourselves, raise our resonance and maintain that vibration.

One of the first things I learned on my journey was every time I released a thought pattern, that did not serve me - I filled a little bit more of my being with Light. 

There were a lot of people around me who wanted to ascend, these are the people I learned these ideas from. They wanted to leave the planet -so they were doing everything they could to fill themselves with Light. They forgot they needed to live their lives to have experiences and unravel their own mystery.

I on the other hand wanted both, to live and then ascend. I happen to like this planet and the inhabitants and experiencing everything I can, that is the true mystery to me. Ascension, I learned is a constant energy, after all we are infinite beings in a human skin suit.

So fast forward to today, I have learned a lot, I have lived in many places and met many different kinds of people. My life up to now has been pretty awesome. Yes I have had my share of heartache, that is part of living on this planet. This is a feeling planet, so all you beings who don't want to feel, you are in the perfect place!

So what does all this have to do with a Cosmic Dragon?

The first time I rode the Cosmic Dragon I went to what I call 'the edge of the Universe and danced with 'Cosmic Beings'. That is the only way I can describe the experience. I kept going back as every time I did I found that I was gathering experience and knowledge to share on my human journey as a Multi Dimensional Being.

Now when I give this meditation in class Ascended Master Lady Nada and the Pink Lightening Angels assist you with your journey in meeting the part of you that is Angelic, then that Galactic part of you and then the Cosmic part of you, you might even have the opportunity to meet your Creators. 

This is how I understand creation from Archeia Grace & Arch Angel Uriel,  we were loved into being. You will feel it when you go on the journey. Archeia Grace & Arch Angel Uriel are my creators, much of my wisdom and how to express it comes from them. They are my 'Angelic' parents, simply put!

This Saturday, 3/23 10am, Lady Nada and I will teach you about these Archetypes and then you will meet and ride your Cosmic Dragon and take a ride across the universe to meet, touch , discover, and have an adventure! Come and join us for this wondrous journey!

This is the final Archetype Class. For this class I invite everyone who loves to do journey meditations. For this class you will meet your Cosmic Dragon and take a ride to meet the 'Angelic' aspect, the 'Galactic' aspect and then the 'Cosmic' aspect of yourself.

Ascended Master Lady Nada and I will guide you through this meditation of assisting you with connecting, clearing and having a better understanding of yourself and how powerful you are!!

We will discuss these aspects, Angelic, Galactic, Cosmic - What are they? How do they assist us? Come on in & find out!

Auriel Grace

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