Thursday, March 10, 2011

Psychic Tip of the Day - Psychic Kids

ADHD & ADD are the result of our technical age. I have experience working with adults and kids who have this experience in their lives. This experience is caused by over stimulation, disincarnates, lack of good food.

When a person is over stimulated from too many computer games or television this can cause a lack of focus. Limit time playing games and watching television.

Diet is a huge cause of this imbalance also. Caffeine from energy drinks can cause over stimulation and are bad for the physical body. If you want energy take a good liquid vitamin. If you are in need of optimism you may need calcium with potassium, liquid. I recommend liquid because the liquid vitamins move into your system faster your physical body can absorb and utilize them. Pills often do not work as it is harder for your body to break them down and most of the time pills just pass through the system without being absorbed.

Stop eating processed foods. Processed foods are bad for the physical body and the physical body does not know what to do with them. This includes diet foods and drinks. If you want to go on a diet start eating good fruits and vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish. The poultry and fish have fewer hormones in them and are easier on the body and mind. A cow has a lot of hormones and can cause imbalance. This is for children and adults. Wean yourselves off of processed foods. Exercise is also good for the body and mind, the hormones released while exercising helps with changing attitudes.

The first step is to learn how to focus. This takes effort. One must discipline the mind to focus on the task at hand. It is changing how the brain works.  When you find you are having difficulty as an adult you must center yourself, take a deep breath and connect to your higher self. When you do this you will feel a sense of relief. Always when connecting with your higher self, guides or angels you will feel better.

If you do not feel good when trying to connect to those higher beings you must ask yourself what is blocking me from doing this? You may need to see an Intuitive/Medium to move out attachments or disincarnates.

As far as children go, you must pay attention to your children. Many times when children are diagnosed with these imbalances it is because of lack of love and affection from parents. They are acting out to get your attention. I understand the need to make a living and sometimes there is only one parent. Find ways of spending time with your children and paying attention to them.

Psychic Kids are very intelligent and are often bored in school due to lack of imagination and more interesting subject matter. The schools need to change with the different environments. Your child might do better in a Montessori setting. Also the child may need spiritual/ metaphysical/quantum physics in their lives to help them understand their gifts.

Children also can have attachments which have the same effect as adults. Make sure to have them checked by an intuitive. I have written practices in this blog that can help you and them. Read from the archives – Haunted People. By releasing a disincarnate you will find you or your child will be grounded, centered and focused.

My grandson Daniel had three disincarnates attached to him. He was always in trouble; he spent a lot of time in time out.  It took a couple of times to help him release them. When the release happened he became a much nicer, better and more focused child.

I have helped other children and adults with this kind of release. The transformation is wondrous and a true blessing.

In a nut shell simplify your lives. If you have debt, consolidate or file for bankruptcy. One parent work full time and the other part time.  Your children will mature and grow faster than you know it and be on their own. Then you will have time to further yourself. If you are running your kids everywhere for sports or lessons they do not want to do, ask them what they want. Have them do less and you spend more one on one time with them.
Remember you and your children agreed before this life to be together. When did you want to start doing that?

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