Thursday, April 14, 2011

Angelic Tip of the Day - Invocation

Arch Angel Michael, Archeia Faith
Angel – Beings of Pure Light and Love who serve as the messengers from our Divine Source. They are the Divine Messengers.
Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith are the Angels of Protection. When I do clearings I always invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to come and help me with the project or person. When you invite and invoke them for protection you will feel them move next to you and help you in what you are doing.

I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to come and protect my house for the highest greatest good of myself and my family. Guide guard and protect myself, spouse and children always. Thank you!

When you ask them to protect your house you will see a fence of Angels surrounding your house. You may even see them standing on the rooftop. If you move invite Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to follow you to protect your next house. Remember to greet them and always give thanks for their protection. Don’t be surprised if you hear them say you are welcome or you may feel blissed out for the day! This is quite wondrous in itself.

You will know your house is being protected by the Angels because you feel at peace in your house no matter the circumstance.

You must remember the Angels were created to assist mankind. They see every living being as special and wondrous. They love to help. Open yourself to them and you will see wondrous events happen in your life. 

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