Monday, February 14, 2011

Ascended Master's Tip of the Day - Clarity

Now is the time to be rid of all of the ideas and ways that are not serving you at this time. It is time for you to look at your life and start making decisions as to how to create a life that truly resonates with you.
We will ask you some questions, please be present, pay attention to your multidimensional body as you answer these questions.

How do you feel in this moment? Why?
Have you forgiven all trespasses against your heart and being? If not, why?
Are you afraid? What are you afraid of? Why?

Your heart must be fully opened to do the work in which you have asked to do. Open your heart, allow yourself to be the multidimensional person you are. Allow yourself to be honest with yourself while you answer those questions. Do not control or limit your answers. 

Look to the people in your life, why are they there? 
Do you truly love them unconditionally? 
Do you enjoy being in their presence? Being present with them?
Have you forgiven them for their trespasses against you?
Have you forgiven yourself any trespasses you have caused yourself through expectations?

It is time to let the expectations go. Expectations do not serve you. Look into your heart and let it go.
This is part of your lesson. We are much easier than Auriel's Earthly teacher. However do not take lightly these lessons for they are to help you get clear. It is time for you to get to your core to your authentic self.
Lord Melchizedek

Message channeled through Aurel Grace
A Gang of Girls Inc

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